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You're Not a Baby Giraffe

You're Not a Baby Giraffe

By: CalebComments: 0
The capability of the human body to undergo locomotion in the very unique way that we all do (two legs, swinging arms, head with a big ol' brain way up on top of it all) is… a miracle! The miracle of movement! Every muscle and bone and tendon must work PERFECTLY for any of us to run a single step, and even then, our mind might sabotage us by reliving an embarrassing memory or fooling you into thinking that a bunny out the corner of your eye is an imminent threat to your life and then BOOM! Pavement for breakfast! How DOES she* do it?
It is a miracle but it’s not an accident. Our bodies know how to do it so instinctually that all of those different muscle groups and fluids just know what to do when you lace up your shoes. Our bodies are smart. Our bodies can run. Any Body can get to the start line of a race ready to rip a new PR, but our minds and our egos have to allow it to get there. 
Whether we’re just trying to get some fresh air a few times a week or you’re tearing up the residential streets of south Fargo at 6:30 pace for 9 miles at a time, our bodies need to work in tandem with our beautifully flawed brain to get any results at all.
Our preparations have to be methodical. A newborn giraffe can fall to the ground and immediately trot into a spindly, slimy gallop, but that doesn't mean all of us can go pound out a 20 miler having never run before. Just... don't compare yourself to baby giraffes. That's been my life motto and it hasn't steered me wrong yet.
Most of us can’t run 100 miles a week if we’re not used to the physical toll that that volume takes on your body. It doesn’t matter how many Internet forums you scour; your body will let you know if your brain has a dumb idea. 
Maybe you’re getting over a sickness (topical!) and you’re frustrated with the progress you don’t seem to be making, despite the perceived extra effort. So you push through and end up burnt out. Bad brain!
Our bodies tell us these things and we have to listen even if it’s inconvenient for your calendar. Calendars are fake! Time is fake! Congress said so! 
You are stuck with your body for as long as you live. So don’t starve it. Or neglect it. Listen to it. Train it. Gradually! Get your cardiovascular system humming like a V6** and get your musculoskeletal whatnots prepared for the euphoric trauma of Movement. AND if it tells you it hurts [oh god he’s not going to plug his place of work is he?] COME ON DOWN TO BEY- [closes tab]
Stay Healthy and Say Hi
Caleb at Beyond Running
*my masculine body
** I don't know anything about automobiles


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