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Run With us. Kind of.

Run with us.  Kind of.

Let's get virtual. virtual.

Anyone else having trouble getting motivated to run during the pandemic?  (Alex,  I’ll take “Sentences I  never thought I’d write” for 500!)   

I mean - one minute I have great intentions to get in the best shape ever, so that when this is all over and I can meet back up with everyone, they’ll be like, “lookin’ good girl!”  (none of my friends talk like that) -  and the next minute I’m having another glass of wine and homemade nachos, because, hey, Netflix isn’t going to watch itself. 

Sometimes when all we have is time, it’s the easiest thing to waste.  (I'll pause for time so your mind can explode. #wisdom)

We could all use a little help with motivation. And as Joe Cocker says we “get by with a little help from our friends”.  

Whether you are used to running with us several times a week, need motivation to keep running, or feel this is a good time to start a new habit,

we have a plan to help!

Introducing: Beyond Running Social Distance Run/Walk Challenge

The Challenge: Run or walk at least 15 minutes,  3x/week.

The Details:  Log your miles on our Strava Run Club page.  (Don’t know how to do that?  Click here). You’ll earn 25 virtual high-fives (points) from Beyond Running for each week that you complete. Your goal is to earn 100 Social Distance High Fives (or "points").

The Reward:  We can’t give in-person high-fives, so we'll use our virtual ones to keep you accountable.  You’ll be able to interact virtually with challenge members, so we can run “together alone”.  And, we’re working on some other cool rewards. You'll get notifications and emails to help keep you motivated. We're planning to do some fun "flash challenges".  But mostly, it’s a way to stay connected and accountable.  Running and walking are things we can do, while living in a world where there’s plenty we can’t do.   

We are running miles apart, but we are together at heart (awe!).

Sign Up Now!

Challenge starts Sunday March, 29th 2020

I'm Up for the Challenge



What happens next? 

You will receive a text message shortly. 

This gives you access to our member portal! This is where you'll earn your Social Distance High Fives  (aka "points"). 

Make sure to enter your name and email!  Once you're all set on Strava, the only thing left to do is get out there and walk or run!



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