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Beyond Running- Downtown
516 Broadway
Fargo, ND 58102
Beyond Running- West
837 Main Ave East
West Fargo, ND 58078
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For the guy or gal that runs for beer!  Carbo re-loading, commence!


Our 16 oz pint glasses are the perfect gift for the runner!  Also, we'd totally understand if you want to throw away all other glasswear and stock you cupboards with these snazzy pints!  Sure to impress your friends.  And your stuffy relatives.


Our pint glass can be purchased featuring one of the following logos:


"Run Fargo, Drink Beer"   (for those that need direct instruction)

Run Fargo Bison    (cause, put a BiZUN on it!)

Woodchipper Run Fargo   (classic movie puns)

"Beers to you 26.2"   (just in case you forget the distance)

"Beers to you 13.1"   (half the distance but your glass still fills to the top)



Beyond Running Pint Glass

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  • Glass

    16 OZ

    Wash it, at least once and awhile.

    Don't drop it.