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Beyond Running- Downtown
516 Broadway
Fargo, ND 58102
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Masters of the Shoe-ni-verse

What's in a shoe? Other than your feet?

People often ask us “Are these good shoes?”.  Truth is, we decided before we opened that we simply weren’t going to carry bad shoes.  What’s bad for your feet, is bad for our business.  So, we can confidently say, “there ain’t a bad shoe in the house!”. However, there are shoes that are best for your foot type and gait pattern.  So don’t be surprised if our knowledgeable staff ask you some questions about your running or walking needs, looks at your feet, and maybe even asks you to walk!  No need to be nervous.  It’s just what we do to pick out the BEST shoe for you!  We’re so confident that you’ll  experience shoe love, we’re willing to put a stamp on it!  If only we had a stamp.  Well, just trust us.  We look at feet and shoes all day long, which might explain some of our staff’s crazy dreams.

You might call us the “Shoe Whisperers”.  Mostly because “whisperers” is a fun word to say, but also because we’re dedicated to finding the proper shoe for your very special foot. You may be wondering how we are able to determine what shoe is best for what foot. Well, it’s not rocket science (which is good because aside from Sally, none of us are astrophysicists) but we do know a thing or two about the many different kinds of shoes that are available. At Beyond Running, we rely on experience and a hands-on approach to help guide you through the process of picking the best fit. We’ll assist you by examining things like wear patterns on your old shoes, assessing your arch type, analyzing your gait and talking to you about any problems you may be having in terms of injuries or discomfort. From there we’ll make suggestions of shoe styles and sizes.

So what determines the price of a running shoe?  Beyond the research and development costs, price is also determined by the materials in the shoe.  In general, as the price of a shoe increases, you generally see an increase in cushioning and technology of shoe materials, and so on.  Conversely, as the price of a shoe drives down,  the manufacturer has to remove materials from the shoe, like cushioning in the forefoot and heel.  Now, this doesn’t mean the very most expensive shoe is the best for everyone.  We ‘re committed to finding you the right shoe for your foot and your budget!