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Beyond Running- Downtown
516 Broadway
Fargo, ND 58102
Beyond Running- West
837 Main Ave East
West Fargo, ND 58078
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You gotta love your work.  Or you're fired.

Get to know the goofballs that work here.


Jason is the guy behind Beyond Running, and can remember when the store was little more than a bad idea. He plays the part of the all-powerful Oz (or at least that is what Sally would have him believe). Jason spent about 9 years with Scheels starting out in the West Acres store and ending up in the corporate office as a buyer.  He left Scheels to work at Microsoft and was there until he left to spend his time downtown at the running store full time. He has run several marathons and half-marathons - and his favorite part is the beer afterwards.


Jake, formerly known to us as "Baby Jake", has been employed at Beyond Running the longest.  He started when he was just 14 (don't worry, we filed all the appropriate paperwork).  He's worked his way through the ranks to become a full fledged shoe expert.  He graduated from Oak Grove High a long time ago ,where he ran track and cross country. He is now a senior at NDSU, and runs to class.  When he's not busy studying or learning all the specs of the latest shoe, Jake is looking off into his future, which is apparently off to his right, according to the picture above.




Sally pretty much runs the place...just ask her.  Sally has run something like 7 marathons. Her short term goal is to qualify for Boston, her long term goal is to star in her own sitcom.  She's a speech therapist by trade which comes in handy among her co-workers at Beyond Running.  She drives a classic Malibu with a custom cracked bumper, and is equally comfortable at home cuddled up on the couch or on a  night out on the town.  She hates squirrels, but will still break for them. She has a habit of tripping over nothing while running.


Dan is our resident hipster.  He loves Taco Bros, saying "homie", and wearing his hat backward.

In the store, you might catch Dan singing along to the radio, eating a sandwich, or writing a paper that was due yesterday.  If you bring your dog into the store, beware of Dan not being able to handle the cuteness.  Dan is a student at NDSU and will graduate with a degree in political science in May.  We are positive he will make big waves in politics and social policy someday, but until then, we are happy to give him a hard time at work.  Oh, yeah, Dan also runs, rides bike, and recycles.  Consider him thoroughly vetted and ready for a run for office!



Maddie , (or "Maddog", as she's referred to by the gang at BR), has been with us "for quite some time now" according to our very detailed records. She was a standout athlete on the NDSU Bison Cross Country and Track Teams, and her post-collegiate career so far has taken her to the Olympic Trials!  She continues to train and is sponsored by Brooks. Maddie has two speeds: "go" and "go faster".  She's always doing 15 things at once.  Her backpack is always filled with food, cause when you run like she does, ya gotta eat! She and her very organized husband, Darryl have two dogs, two cats, and various other critters Maddie decides to rescue!


Jackie also joined the BR family in 2016.  She is a student at NDSU where she majors in marketing.  She hails from St. Cloud.  This summer, her running skills came in handy when she played a villain for the Make-A-Wish foundation to help a child be a super hero for the day.  The tiny super hero caught her, though, so we think some speed work may be in order.  Since she loves dressing up in costume, it's no surprise that she loves Halloween.  We're hoping one day she'll come to work dressed up as millionaire that wants to give her co-workers lots and lots of money. 


Sharon joined the BR family in the fall of 2015,but she's been "in the family" quite literally, forever.  She's Jason's mom!  Sharon recently retired from many years of work at Hospice.  She comes down to the store to help out with things "behind the scenes".  She keeps us on our toes, making sure we "put things back where we found them" and "cover our food when heating with the microwave".  Jason, for one, loves having his mom around to keep him in line, just like old times!  Sharon has traveled the world, makes a killer hotdish,  loves her grandkids (Cory and Grant) and spoils her granddogs, Molly and Buddy, on a regular basis.

Molly is the head of our Canine division.  She's been working at Beyond Running and Outermost Layer for a couple years now, and when asked what her favorite part of work is, she says, "woof".  You'll likely catch Molly training Sally on speedwork on Tuesday and Thursday Night runs.  Orignially trained to be a bomb sniffing dog, she is also head of our anti-terrorism division (which, for the record, doesn't exist).  Molly is a sweetheart and loves people, mostly, because she thinks she is one.  In her time off, she loves to watch TV (really), nap ,play with her brother Buddy, and draw. (She doesn't really do that last one, just checking to see if you're paying attention).

Buddy is the newest, and most junior member of the Canine Sales division at Beyond Running.  He's a Border Collie/Australian Shepard cross, but he prefers the label "handsome devil".  He's a mischevious puppy but loves to be at the store, greeting people and charming the socks off of them - mostly so he can chew on socks, which is one of his favorite past times.  His favorite things to do include pestering his sister Molly, and ignoring the commands of his master. Buddy loves to go for runs, and has worked his little puppy legs up to 5 miles already, as long as he's not distracted -SQUIRREL!

It was fun while it lasted.

Gone but not forgotten, these people went and got different jobs.  Whateves.




Tianna joined the BR gang in February 2015.  She recently admitted to having size 9 and a half feet, and now that her feet aren't crammed into those size 8s, she smiles much more .  Tianna loves to dance, and is a coach for the North Fargo Sparticas Dance Team.  In her spare time, she loves to practice jazz hands, study for nursing school, and take care of her roommate, Sydney.   Tianna completed her first marathon at Grandmas's in Duluth in June of 2015. Tianna launched her own Senior Walking Group called "Golden Gait Walking Club" and works with folks at a local nursing home.  She hopes to become a geriatric nurse practicioner someday, which is good news for Jason. 

Jordyn joined the BR gang in the Fall of 2012.  She hails from Mason City, Illinois and ventured to Fargo to attend NDSU for some "schoolin'".  Over the years, we've learned what a goofball Jordyn really is. Whether it is having "draw the employee contests" or "water balloon fun" with Jake, work is NEVER dull with her.  With Pintrest dreams and a college degree in hand, Jordyn recently pulled up stakes and moved to Colorado with her husband, Sebastian. She has a job as a science teacher in a tiny town in the mountains.  We miss her bunches, but we know her life in the outdoors of Colorado is a perfect fit.  She's  a grown-up now!  Wierd.

Cory is Jason's nephew, but don't hold that against him.  He worked here for several years, which he says were the most magical years of his life, and can't imagine anything topping the experience.  Cory is an avid fisherman and hunter. He graduated from NDSU and now has some sort of "real job" working long hours and missing out on everything here at the store. Cory's favorite running event continues to be "winging it" in half marathons.  His goal is still to get in the best shape of his life, because, in his words, he "might as well".


Evan is no longer working for us, because he decided to move to Pennsylvania and go to school to become a Physican's Assistant.  But he still is a part of the BR family, so his bio remains on our board.  He is the resident nerd (reciprocity applies), so the fact that he looks like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory works out nicely, on two fronts, because the nerd refused to supply a picture for this web page.  Evan loves to run, especially if he can wear his short-shorts.