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Store Operations
What happened to Outermost Layer?

We opened Outermost Layer, our compliment to Beyond Running, in 2010. Since opening a few blocks south of Beyond Running, we've moved the store next to Beyond Running when that space opened up.  Then, we cut a little doorway between the stores. Then, during a particularly blizzard-y winter, we decided to do some more demo and open up the wall between the stores even more. We also decided we would combine our systems so that your shopping experience would be seamless, one-checkout experience. We have always considered Outermost Layer an extension of the Beyond Running lifestyle. You can't run all the time, and that time should be spent using cool things like hammocks and wearing cool gear from great brands. Outermost Layer is still here. But in the interest of putting all of our information in one place, we will use the Beyond Running website as a platform for both stores!

I see you have a new website. Can I shop online?

Well, thanks for noticing, we're blushing!  And yes, we have recently launched our pretty new website with much more capability to shop online! We are working hard everyday to get new items up on the site. Some items we sell in-store will not be available online (for now).  So, we encourage you to call us if there is something you need that you don't see!

Can I use a gift card online?

Yay! Through the magic of technology and recent updates- YES, you can use BR gift cards online. And, you can use gift cards purchased online in-store. So, you have options.  Neat!


FAQ's about your SHOES
Some stores offer fancy equipment and videos and computers to tell what shoes I should wear. Why don't you?

Sure, flashy machines and robots can be alluring. But, with everything at Beyond Running, we do our research. (I mean Jason has a life-long subscription to Consumer Reports, for cryin' out loud!)

Frankly, most of these machines are "gimmicky."  We don't feel they tell the whole story of your feet. The researchers we follow closely in the shoe/biomechanics/running world haven't been convinced that these types of "gait analysis" really provide the answers. So, if the smart scientist people don't use it, we don't either.

Having said that, I still choose to believe that Zoltar fortune teller machine. It said my wish was granted. Now I'm just waiting for my agent to call.


I usually just get my shoes online from Amazon or Zappos. Why should I buy from Beyond Running?

We're glad you asked! There are many misconceptions about online shopping, so we'd like to clear up some things. First, when you buy from a locally owned store, you support our local economy, help create jobs, and keep our community a cool place to live. But it's not just that. We can offer you a far better experience than an impersonal giant e-commerce site.

  • But how? Isn't it cheaper to buy on online?

Short answer:nope.  We will price match, if you find the same item somewhere legit. If a price you find online seems too good to be true- it probably is. Unfortunately, not everyone on the internet is nice.

  • Amazon told me if I pay them $100 a year, they will get it to me the next day, how can you beat that? 

Sorry (not sorry) Amazon, when you buy from Beyond Running in-store you get to take your purchase with you on the very same day! And bonus, we offer free local delivery, and-whenever possible- we will deliver the same day! Sorry robots at Amazon. The little guy wins here.

  • Yeah, but free returns online, so?

True. But how much fun is it to wait for a package, have it arrive, and then find out that the size 7 you ordered is waaay too small?  Box it up, ship it back and wait. What. A. Drag.  Here's what we think works better. Let us find you the right size in the first place. You can try before you buy! 

  • Zappos and Amazon say they have the best customer service. Can you beat that?

Dear impersonal internet overlords: we see your "customer service" and raise you "good ol' fashion human connection." When's the last time Amazon asked you how your training is going? Or told you not to buy a shoe because it's not right for you? We live. and. breathe. this.  Let us prove it to you! 

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