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Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten
Give'r Frontier Mitten

Give'r Frontier Mitten

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The warmest, 100% waterproof, all-leather mitten. Give’r tested for protection & longevity. Own your frontier. Read more..

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Product description

When it comes to outdoor gear, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience. With the Give'r Frontier Mittens, you don’t have to. These bad boys were designed to endure all of life’s challenges and keep your hands toasty no matter if work or play calls your name on cold days. The construction, which includes a fully waterproof membrane, a durable leather cowhide exterior, and enough insulation to keep a snowman warm, was built purposely to withstand everything from grabbing a burning log from a campfire to ice-fishing in the heart of winter.

Brought to life through crowdfunding, these leather mitts are the answer to our communities' call for Give'r-style warmth! Not only are they tough enough to handle anything you might encounter on your next outdoor excursion, but they’re also stylish enough to wear around town. So, whether you’re braving the cold weather for a weekend camping trip or just need a little extra warmth on your walk to work, the Give'r Frontier Mittens are the perfect solution to cold hands.


Layering breakdown:

1. Reinforced, all-leather cowhide exterior
2. 100% waterproof membrane
3. Reflective heat shield on the front of the hand for warmth retention
4. 380-gram Thinsulate insulation system

**The wax coating provides additional leather protection but is not a waterproof element. Leather will show water absorption, and the waterproof membrane protects from external moisture.

- Wrist cuff to keep warmth in and snow out
- Keystone thumb design
- Steel D-Ring for leash attachment and storage
- All-natural wax coating for leather longevity
- Produced by a master-leather worker in Pakistan and hand-waxed, branded, and quality checked in Jackson, Wyoming.

Helpful Tips:

1. If you're looking for a snug fit that may require breaking the mitts in, we recommend going with the size based on your hand measurements.
2. If you're looking for a pair of Give'r Mitts to fit as soon as you receive them without a break-in period, we recommend sizing up 1 size based on your hand measurements.

Close your eyes and picture your favorite cowboy boots, baseball glove, or wallet. Likely it looks worn in, perfectly molded to YOUR body - right? It wasn't always that way! Our Frontier Mitts, like all Give'r Gloves, are meant to get better with time as well.  When you first put them on, they may be snug and stiff - this is normal and ideal! Instead of returning them for a different size, we recommend using them, breaking them in, and trying the Oven Method. This process will undoubtedly give you the best fit in the long run!

Oven Method:

Step #1: Turn your oven on to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step #2: Once heated, pop your gloves or mittens in the oven! We recommend placing them in an “A Frame” with the thumbs out to make sure the clips on the side don’t burn.

Step #3: Set a timer for 4 minutes.

Step #4: When the timer is up, take out your gloves and immediately put them on while they’re still warm.

Step #5: While the leather is soft and supple from the oven, use the pair for activities like shoveling and pull-ups or make fists to begin the break-in process. These grabbing actions help create memory in the leather, while packing out the insulation to form the gloves/mittens to your hands more quickly.

Step #6: Get stoked on gloves (or mittens) that now fit you...well…like a glove!

Washing/Cleaning Tips:
1. Just don't clean 'em! Leather mittens look better with some good ol' dirt and grease and with time you'll come to love the new patina.
2. Can't resist? Use a damp cloth (no soap!) to wipe away dirt from the surface of the leather mitts and then dry them slowly in front of a fan.

Tried-N'-True Drying Techniques: 
1. *Fastest* Place your mitts on a boot/glove warmer. Make sure to create a gap for airflow on the elastic cuff.
2. Place your leather mitts on their sides in front of a standard fan, ensuring maximum airflow. Put a paper towel tube in the wrist cuff to assist with airflow.
3. Use any accessible products that absorb moisture or allow for airflow (i.e. shoe dehydrator, newspaper, etc.) and place them in the sun.

1. Wring out like a dish towel
2. Place too close to the fire
3. Place on your car exhaust
4. Turn inside out
5. Place on a radiator
6. Place in microwave


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Frontier Mitten

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The warmest, 100% waterproof, all-leather mitten. Give’r tested for protection & longevity. Own yo..

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